Nellie (neongreenleaf) wrote,

xoxo from san franscisco
i want to hug and kiss you in the rain
the golden gate isn't really gold at all
but neither`s the halo above my head

xoxo from san fransisco
cats like us should live in the castro
because i'm so gay for you
and milk is my favorite drink

xxx from san franscisco
my mom and i walked through the red light district together
talk about awkward

xoxo from san fransisco
eating pounds and pounds of coco
in ghirardelli square
a city with this much chocolate
it isn't fair

xoxo from san fransisco
i left my heart here
because i was in such a rush
too bad because i was going to give it to you

xoxo from san fransisco
i love you darling

Tags: stories and poems
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